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Monday, September 16, 2013

A Date With My Daddy

Saturday morning, I woke up to My Daddy talking to me.
Some may think this odd, but it happens often.
I have learned to listen and follow instruction.

It was early and still dark outside.
I was told to watch the sun rise.

I woke Flower Boy up, gave him the instruction and out of bed we went.

I was told to set on the side of the rock hill, just west of our house.
We were to focus on the peak of our house and watch the tree behind it.

We did just that!
I took the camera...
 I'm not sure words are needed...

All photos are loaded in the order they were taken, straight off the SIM card.

As we were getting up to walk down the hill, to the house, I snapped these.

 Thanks for the wake up call, Daddy!
I miss you and love you more!
Your Rancher Girl

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