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Monday, September 9, 2013

One to Ten! Soaring and Perching

At any given time, we have one of these hawks perching in an old cottonwood tree, in our front yard.
The cottonwood tree didn't survive the drought, from the past three years.
We have thought about cutting it down.
Now, we think differently.

Saturday morning, I woke up to find Flower Boy setting on our front porch.
I started coffee and headed out to do some front porch settin.
These times are our quiet time, our date time, our relaxing time, our time to set back and soak up whatever gift God is giving us.

Flower Boy was setting very quietly.
I thought he was reflecting on something.
I turned and asked him, "What's wrong?"
He looks at the dead cottonwood tree and responds,
"There were five there a few minutes ago."
I ran into the house to grab the camera.

We look over the ridge of cedar trees across the pond
 and watch these hawks soaring over the field.

They soar and return to perch in the cottonwood tree.

I return back in the house to get the computer.

It appears these are red tailed hawks.
They prey on field mice, snakes, carrion, small rodents and other birds.
Thank goodness they don't prey on chickens!
Although they are called Chicken Hawks, research shows, chickens are to large for them to hunt.

These hawks are immature red tails.
Google images tells us this.

Their screech is that of a red tail.
Google tells us this too.

"Why are they there?"
A question we choose not to search the answer.

We just sat and counted.
At one point there were 10 hawks!
Soaring and Perching!

Beautiful Site!

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