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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weanin Time

Our babies are 6 months old, so it's Weanin Time!
Normally, the big kids and Drewman would be home to help.
This year, the big kids had Carter's Run and Drewman was doing college testing.
Flower Boy and I flew solo!
We work well as a team!
No worries!

We pull in the first pasture and bring the cattle to the catch pen.
A catch pen, or trap, is a larger fenced of area where cattle can be held for a period of time.
This allow them space to roam and not get nervous from feeling crowded.
 Prior to any work, a calming "chew" is required by Flower Boy.
This keeps him from yelling so much.
 The cattle are then pushed into the corral or pens, for sorting.
 At this point, the stock trailer is brought into the catch pen.
Often times, if the cattle see the stock trailer, they know something is going on and they won't come to the pens.
 Mommas are separated from their babies.
 Mommas get wormed.
 They are then turned out to the pasture.
 The babies are brought into the loading pen.
 And loaded on the trailer.
We are off to the next pasture.
Bye Mommas!!

The pens in the first pasture, My Daddy and his family built them years ago, when he was young.
They are sturdy and well built.
This next pasture is a little more tricky, as far as catching the cattle.
The pens are not that of something My Daddy would have built.

Slowly, and I do mean slowly, the cattle are brought into the pen.
There is no catch pen, at this pasture.
The cattle follow the feed truck, knowing they will get cake.
We don't expect a problem,
If one gets loose, they are out in open pasture.
The chances of getting them back in...
Likely NONE!
 I stay in the truck and remain very still.
 Flower Boy closes the gate.

I LOVE these next two photos!
(side note:  I may enter one of the them in the fair, next year, I love them so much!)
 Number 10 says "I am not coming in there!"

We separate the mommas from the babies, again.
Flower Boy moves the mommas to a corner of the pen.
 Because there is no alleyway at this pasture, one by one, the cows move past him and he shoots wormer on their backs.
 All the babies are hauled to another pasture, to be held in a large catch pen or trap.
We will work then later in the week.
The babies will remain here for a week to 10 days, until they stop crying for their mommas.
We will then move them to a pasture, where they will grow and gain weight, until time to sell them.
Have you ever heard babies cry at Weanin Time?
It is one of Flower Boy's favorite sounds to hear.

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