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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Flower Boy receives the BEEF Newsletter each week.
This week's newsletter had some very interesting advice.
We believe it is something we follow and work towards everyday.

The first article is,
In this article a few things stand out.

"She can plan on getting coveralls and boots for at least one holiday or birthday during her marriage."
I received a pair of MUCK Chore Boots for Valentines, one year.
Zero complaints here!

There is also mention of "Shotgun Duty".
This is the job of opening and closing gates.
Those that ride "Shotgun" get gate duty.
I, however, am spoiled!
Flower Boy doesn't follow the "Shotgun Duty" rule.
I do open gates, but it is normally when the temperatures are nice and warm.
Winter chores, I just set in the truck.

In this article, the last thing that stands out, to us, is
"You Call Checking Cows A Date Night?"
Some of our most memorable moments have been while checking cows.

In another article, there are 13 tips we live by!
Of those 13, the one that is first, for us, is 
“God needs to be the center because with Him, the years ahead will be much more fulfilling.”
If you keep up with this blog, there is no explanation needed.
If this is the first time to read our blog, dig a little deeper.  
You will understand. 

The other tips in this article are;
Appreciate each other
Share similar goals and dreams
Enjoy working together
Don’t sweat the small stuff but stay strong on the stuff that counts
It’s okay to do your own thing, too
Two heads are better than one
Remember that marriage is a partnership
Respect each other
Always kiss each other good night
Work hard but play, too
Don’t take things for granted

We could relate to every word of these two articles.
There is always something that needs fixin' on the ranch!
What happens at the pens stays at the pens!
"Don't expect any more or less than to be working the chute, getting crapped on by cows and yelled at by your loving husband."
Most of the time, the yelling isn't remembered or meant towards the other.
A call saying "Cattle are out." will get either of us moving faster than anything.
Working together to solve a problem, although my mind works differently than Flower Boy's, we find the solution.
There was a moment during this post, that we both had to walk away for a bit. (Flames... not good)
"In order to make tomorrow better, we have to give it all we have today."
We each do things the other can't.
Ranching is in our blood!
It's what we work and fight for!

They don't write books on this stuff.
Ranching and Farming is a way of life.
You figure it out as you go along.
You learn from others.
Each day teaches us new lessons.

Although Flower Boy and I aren't married, YET (that is another post),
We are glad to know we are on the right track and live our lives by this advice.
Most of the advice was given by couples married for 40+ years.
That makes us smile.
It's all worth it!

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