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Friday, April 26, 2013

Wrapping Up

Things are wrapping up in the house, as far as construction goes.

Yesterday, the back splashes were laid.

The kitchen back splash is a simple 3 x 6 tumbled marble tile, laid in a brick pattern.
We chose to have them dry stacked, so there will be no grout lines.
We like the look and think the tile blends well with the chiseled edge of the concrete countertops.

The bathroom vanities and the laundry room vanity all have the 4 x 4 tumbled marble tiles that are in the feature strips of the showers.
These will be grouted to match the shower grout in each bathroom.

This is the tub surround.
We chose to use the same feature strip that is in Flower Boy's shower.
Grouting should be taking place today.
The sinks and tub should be set tomorrow.

Speaking of the tub...
This little baby cleaned up nice!
Don't you think?
Who would have thought it had been in the HOUSE FIRE!

The hot water tanks have also been installed.
The electrician just needs to connect them.

Drewman's shower fixtures have been installed.

As well as, his toilet.
Man!  His floor is a mess!

This brings us to the next stage of the process...

After all the construction is complete in the house,
WE still have to seal the pallet wood floor.
(I still have to blog on it too.)
WE still have to seal the penny shower floor.
WE still have to finish and seal the paper bag floor.
WE still have to apply the finish to the paver brick floor.
WE still have to clean the entire house!

The appliances were delivered this week.
They are setting in the garage waiting on us.

We made a trip to Grove to pick up bedroom furniture, last weekend.
We purchased the bedroom furniture from my aunt and uncle.
They have "out grown" it, so to speak.
They wanted a different style of furniture and what they had is the perfect RANCHEY style for us!

We also have the remainder of the house furniture stored at The Santa Fe Furniture Company, just waiting to be delivered.

The phone company will be connecting the house phone.
The propane company is on standby to set the propane tank.
The satellite company is also on standby to install the service.

It is nice to be wrapping things up and checking final things off our list.
We are ready to be in the house.
We are tired and need naps.

Anyone up for a cleaning party?

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