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Monday, April 29, 2013

Dust, Dirt and Grime

We spent the weekend cleaning!
Even though we thought we did a good job of cleaning while the crews were working,

Look at the dust that was on the floors after we pulled up the paper!
This was the third time this floor was cleaned!

Windows got a good cleaning too.
Yes, Flower Boy does windows!

Drewman mops floors too!
I just didn't get a picture of that.

I painted under the sink cabinets and the walls behind where the appliances will set.

The appliances were also moved into the house.
Cooper arrived at the perfect time!

The plumbers still have to connect the water line to the fridge, connect the gas line to the stove, connect the water line and drain to the dishwasher, connect the garbage disposal, set the sinks and set the tub.

The mud and tape guys arrived on Friday to do touch ups.

The painter arrived Saturday to paint the garage door brown, like the exterior trim, and do touch ups, as well.

We made our final trip to Lowe's on Sunday.
We picked up all the cleaning supplies and some last minute items needed to finish the floors.

There is plenty of cleaning to remove all the dust, dirt and grime, before we can seal the floors.
So to those that volunteered to help clean, we will be cleaning the remainder of the week.
No appointment needed!
Just come on out!

In Need Of A Manicure And Massage

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