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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Welcome To Our Home!!! It's Been A Year

Today marks the one year anniversary of our HOUSE FIRE!
As we have written here before, we choose to not focus on September 3, 2012.
We choose to mark it as a life changing event and move forward.
We won't say it has been an easy task, but we have accomplished that goal.

So many changes have happened in our lives over this past year.
We have grown in mind, body and spirit.
We have bonded closer as a family.
Our faith in God has grown stronger.
We question things less and trust the path we are on is not our own.
We relax and enjoy things in a different way, than before.
We find pleasure in the world around us and not in the possessions we hold.

Life is sweet!
Our relationship is unfailing!
Our world in unpredictable!

We love every second of it!

Saturday evening we hosted a Welcome To Our Home party.
We know there is no possible way we could ever repay all the people that have been there for us over this past year.
We did know we could open our house to them, feed them and allow them to celebrate our new home with us.

Man was it a party!
We had over 60 friends and family join us!
Drewman had his friends.
Flower Boy and I had our friends.
Our families were all there.
What a blessed feeling!
We only wish we would have had more time with each one of them.
After everyone had gone, we felt guilty we hadn't.

The big kids came home on Friday and helped prepare for the event.
Flower Boy and I don't know what we would do without our kids!
They always seem to have our backs!
We cooked, cleaned and watched some Cowboy Football before the guests arrived.

The Big Boy fried fish, calf fries and shrooms!
Our Girl kept the kitchen flowing!
Prior to the party, guests asked what they could bring.
We welcomed each guest who wanted to bring a side dish.
I wish I would have taken a photo of all the food!
It was amazing!
My kitchen island was full!

My cousin, Tonya and her son's girl friend, Kendra made these
Strawberry Cupcakes!
Boot Cake
You all know what that Rockin B means to us!
They also made a carrot cake, but I don't seem to have a photo of it either.
I got a little busy cooking and preparing and... and... and...
I just didn't take any photos.

Another friend made road signs, so our guests wouldn't get lost coming to the party.
Again, I didn't take a picture.
The signs said
Welcome To Our Home
This photo was below and an arrow pointing the direction to drive.

Our Rockin B became the theme of our party and we didn't even know it!
What a great surprise it was to us!
I cried!

We were blessed by unexpected gifts!
 Granny B gave us this pillow.
We couldn't agree more!

 Another friend made us this.
Again, Spot On!

 LOVE this frame!

Can anyone tell me who gave us this?
There was no card with it.
So fitting for our life!

We were also blessed with several other items, smell goods and beverages.

One of my girl friends returned some items to me...
With this note,

 "These were the clothes you were wearing when I found you.
The days before destruction was astounding.
Out of the ashes came a new you.
I know what you learned is profounding.
Now you can keep them as a reminder
Burn them to never remind you.
Either choice is for you to make.
Know we love you and will never forget."

I am not sure what I will do with the clothes.
During the Daze After The Fire
C-Tina came and got me, took me to her house, 
I showered,
She forced me to eat and attempt to rest, then she took me back to the rubble.
She knew I needed some down time!

I cried when she handed her little package to me!
Her note...
Well, it is everything!

The destruction was astounding!
We have risen from the ashes!
We have become new!
Our lesson was profound!

One year later...
Look where we are!

Thank you to all who joined us Saturday evening.
For those that weren't able to attend, we realize LIFE HAPPENS!
No worries.
Our door is always open.
Stop by anytime.

Thank you to all who have prayed, helped, supported, given, loved and stood by us over this past year.
We will never be able to repay for all we have been given.
We can only move forward and pass along what we have gained.

We love you all!
God Bless each of you!
Flower Boy, Rancher Girl and Drewman

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