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Friday, September 27, 2013

Apple Butter In The Makin!

It's Fall, Ya'll!
Fall means apples and pears are beginning to ripen on the orchard trees.
Yes, we have an orchard at Rockin B Ranch.
It is one of the reasons for purchasing the place.
The drought has gotten the plum and peach trees.
The apple tree too!
We still have two pear trees growin strong.

Note to self:
Plant more fruit trees!

Thankfully, I have friends with apple trees, that have survived the drought.
This year, the apples and pears are plentiful!
Friends share their bounty!

I tried a new technique for makin apple butter...
If you have had my apple butter, you may be cringin right now.
No worries!
It is still award winnin!
I promise!
I'm not braggin.
I pride myself in my jelly makin and the tradition that comes with it.
I have entered my jellies in our local fair, in the past.
Winning the prize ribbon!

Back to the new technique...
I made it in the crockpot!
Well... Most of it was done in the crockpot.

Aren't these apples pretty?
 Peel, core and slice the apples.
 Place them in the crockpot.
 No water added.
Add sugar and spices.
 The apples will make their own water as they cook down.
The apples will cook down and become sauce.

 The apple butter wasn't thickening up the way I would have liked it too.
I transferred it to Granny B's jelly pot and cooked it a bit longer.
(This pot was another thing that was pulled from the HOUSE FIRE!  
Everyone knows what that pot means to me!)
Much better!
 I started adding the apple butter to the jars.
At this point, I realized I don't have a ladle!
Second Note to Self:
Buy a ladle!
 Put the lids on the jars.
 Screw them on tight!
 Flip the jars to distribute the heat.
 Turn them back and wait for the lids to pop!

I have two more bags of apples and our pear trees are ready for pickin!
The girl friends and I have talked about them helpin do more Apple Butter Makin.
They will do the peelin, corin and slicin.
I may just set back and do some teachin!

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