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Thursday, November 13, 2014


Today, while driving into work, I had the most unpleasant conversation I have had in a very long time!
The conversation wasn't with my most favorite person.
Actually, it was with a person I loathe the most!

Here I sit, spider webbing and preparing to blog and all I can think about is that conversation.

I tell myself
"You can't let that person win!"
"You can not allow them control over you!"
"You have to shake it and move forward!"

I have no plans to go into detail, about the who, what or why, of the conversation.
You all really don't want to get as upset as I did.
Nor does it matter.

What I will do is flip this to a positive!
By doing so, my day will be better and this blog post won't be a downer.

Have you ever worked side by side, alone, with another person?
How did that time, with that person, make you feel?
Some of my best conversations have been alone time with My Daddy, Flower Boy, My Kids, or My Friends.
Working side by side, just me joining them, while they work.
Some of the best memories too!

We work, talk and solve life's problems.
It always opens my mind and my heart.

I think this is why chore time is the best time of day for me.
Flower Boy and I alone, in the vehicle, driving, feeding, talking and sharing.
He tells of his day.
I tell of mine.
We see a hawk, a deer, a new baby calf...

Those conversations change everything!
Our mindset!
Our demeanor!
Our outlook!

Yesterday, I had the privilege of spending all afternoon with Drewman.
Although, it was a very stressful afternoon of clinicals and doctor visits, it was one on one time with My Boy!
It was a time to treasure.
Time to listen to his point of view.
Time to hear his laugh and see his smile.

No worries!
Drewman is fine!
He just had his regular heart checkup.
He is now clear to run, lift weights and play intermural sports.
He gets to be a normal college student!

All this being written...
Cherish the conversations that matter most!
Those that open your mind and heart.
Those that speak to your soul.

The rest....
Just let go!
They don't matter.

Don't let evil win!

Have a great Thursday!

Rancher Girl

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