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Monday, November 26, 2012


Just as one thinks life can't get any better, we are out on a date and get a phone call telling us our house is on fire!  The date was September 3, 2012.  The time was 4:25.  Flower Boy and I had just sat down to eat when Drewman called.  Calmly, Drewman speaks "You need to come home now.  Our house is on fire."  Flower Boy responds "Have you dialed 911?"  I hear nothing more.  My mind is spinning and all I can think of is my 16 year old home alone, dealing with this horrible event!

Flower Boy gets up from the table, grabs my hand and escorts me to the car.  He goes into cop mode and drives us home in cop speed.  We were almost 100 miles from home!

I remember making 4 phone calls and having lots of heart palpatations.  My first call was to a neighbor and close friend.  My words were something like "I need you to go to my house.  Someone needs to be with Drew.  Our house is on fire."  My next call was to my aunt.  Crying, "Can you go to my house?"  Aunt - "Can I go to your house???"  Me - "I don't have a house!  My house is on fire!  Drew is there alone!"

My 3rd call was to my oldest son.  He always has all the answers.  He reminded me the house is just "STUFF" and everything was going to be "OK"  (There is a saying I started when my Daddy died.  It is "There is always a little pain behind every "It's OK".)  The oldest also provided me with the insurance claims department and instructions as to how to make the call.
Before I know it, we are coming up to the Payne County line.  Flower Boy had called a head and got clearance from the Payne County Sheriff that we were coming through and not stopping.  They had better clear us a path. 

We arrive at our drive.  I see cars, people and fire trucks everywhere!  I'm not sure the car stopped before I was out and searching for my boy.  Drewman met me with open arms, explaining just as his older brother had done, "Mom, I'm OK!  The house is just stuff.  The important thing is, I'm here and not hurt."  I felt like the worst mother in the world to have left him home while I went on a date.  I was consumed with a feeling of shame and selfishness.  Drewman would have normally gone with us, but that day was the opening day of dove season.  He had plans to hunt with his buddies.  His gun was laying on his bed, ready to leave at 5pm.

Follow us as we rebuild our lives, our home and our world.  Things just get better from here!  CONSTRUCTION STARTS TODAY!


  1. Hello! My name is Vera and I am thrilled with your story. I'm using Google translator to understand everything. Want to read the whole blog in one week. Anticipate my admiration for your family and sending a brotherly hug!

  2. Forgot to say, I'm from Brazil.