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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Week 4 ~ Ailey Mae's Puppies

So much changes with these little guys in one weeks time!

The kiddie pool is full when Ailey Mae is in with them!
The puppies sleep in the same positions, with their mommy, they have since birth.
This is the only way we can tell the puppies apart.
They are now very close to the same size and marked exactly the same.
Big difference, from their birth photo, 4 weeks ago.
Don't you think?

They now climb in and out of the pool, at will!
Mostly playing and sleeping under our bed.

Ailey Mae is using our closet as a safe haven, to gain some peace and quiet.
At least as of this morning!
The puppies may find her hiding spot by noon!
They are little explorers.

We are still thankful for Doggie Jail!
Those puppies follow us everywhere, when we get home!

The boys are all eating puppy food very well.
They eat 1/3 of a can each morning and each evening.

They are due for their first vet check.
This post reminds me to make their appointment.

A wee bit of protection/aggression training started this week too!
No folks....
The growling you hear in this video is not Flower Boy.
Our intent is not to make the puppies mean or aggressive.
Remember, they are German Shepherd puppies.
They are instinctively protectors.
We want the puppies to do their job, like their mommy and daddy do theirs.
Ailey Mae and Onyx are great protectors, fetchers, companions and best friends.

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