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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Week 3 ~ Ailey Mae's Puppies

The puppies are 3 weeks old!
They are as long as Ailey Mae's legs.

We can hardly tell them apart now.
All are marked EXACTLY the same.

Their eyes are fully open.
They walk all over.
Their ears are almost completely open.
They have teeth!

We walk into our bedroom and they growl at us.
Their momma walks into the bedroom and they almost knock her over.
I don't know what it would be like had there been more puppies in this litter.

This past weekend, we took the puppies outside for some playtime and a photo shoot.

Ailey Mae did not like Onyx or Pete being around her boys!
She stayed on high alert the entire time.
Good Momma!

Although, she doesn't mind if Princess Sheba spends time with them.
Princess Sheba doesn't seem to have time for such commoners!
She turns her nose and goes the other direction.

Don't worry Princess, those boys aren't here to stay.
They are only here for another 6 or 7 weeks.
Then your kingdom will return to normal.

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