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Monday, July 15, 2013

Watchin the Clouds Roll By

It's been raining here since yesterday.
It has been a nice soothing rain.
We are having a really strange weather pattern.
The weather fronts are moving from the east to the west.
I'm not sure what all that means but the weather people are all the buzz about it.
So is Flower Boy.

The temperatures are really nice too.
It is 73 degrees, in the middle of the afternoon!

For July, you won't hear us complain.
I bet you don't hear a single rancher or farmer complain.

Yesterday, we got almost one and a half inches of rain, in the rain gauge.
True Story...
I empty the rain gauge,
Walk to Flower Boy,
"What is the mark just below a half inch?"
His response,
"Ok, we had 1 and 4/10 inch of rain, in the rain gauge."

I am a Rancher Girl that doesn't know how to read a rain gauge.
I am also an Accountant.
Accountants work by rounding.
I would have said, "We got an inch and a half of rain."
Good thing I asked first.

With all this rain and cool temperatures, we find it only fitting to post some photos we have taken on some of our dates.

This one was taken a last week, while we were in the pasture checking on our new baby.

 These next two were pulled off my cell phone.
They were taken within the past 3 years.

I remember these next two like it was last night!
 We were at the pens on my Daddy's farm.
Just laying on the bed of the feed truck.
Watching the clouds.

This one was after a heavy rain looking east off the deck of the house that burned.

This one was taken from our dock.

These last ones were taken last evening, from our front porch.

If you and yours don't have date nights like this,
Take some time!
Watchin the Clouds Roll By

I figured out the rain gauge readings.
5/10 is 1/2!
4/10 is just under a 1/2!
Accountants reduce to the lowest number too.

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