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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Country Questions

There have been times when Flower Boy has commented on the amount of explanation I provide in this blog.
I have to remind him that our audience is not all in the know of ranching.
He then agrees with my explanations.

This being said...
I am often asked country questions from others.

Today, I received an email with several questions.
The sender shall remain anonymous.
I will answer them here.

Why don't you drive a truck?
I drive a Nissan Rogue to and from work each day.
At the time I purchased the Rogue, My Daddy was ill and I was on the road a lot.
The fuel mileage on the Rogue was much better than that of my truck.
The Rogue is all wheel drive and operates well on the county roads.
The Rogue is not driven evenings or weekends.
It is only a commuter vehicle.
However, Flower Boy drives a truck to work each day.
His commute is 40 miles, where mine is only 20.

Another reason I don't drive a truck...
Flower Boy drives most of the time.
I'm spoiled like that!

Why don't you plant a garden?
I would love to plant a garden!
I don't have the time.
I've told you before about My Daddy's gardens.
Time in Daddy's garden is some of the best memories I have with him.
Also, we would have to use rural water to water our garden.
Rural water is costly!

I do hope one day to have a beautiful garden with lots of veggies and flowers.

Why do my dogs have cuccaburra's when they never have before?
Probably because the seeds of the cuccaburra have laid dormant due to the drought.
With all the rain we have had this year, they are sprouting up everywhere.
It could be that your dogs have ventured to some place they have never been before, too.

What was the website for the chickens?
Drewman bought his baby chicks from Murray McMurray Hatchery.
For laying hens, he searches Craigslist for local folks selling. 
There is also an auction each Saturday in our area.
Drewman sells his roosters and older hens there, as well.

Do we really need a fence for the whole property?
No, unless you plan to have livestock on the property.
If you just plan to use the property as a hay meadow, no fence is needed.
If you are using the area to keep your dogs in the property, it might be best to invest in a barrier fence.
Our dogs are on one and they have 10 acres to be able to run.
The barrier keeps them out of the creeks and areas they could get into trouble.
It also keeps them out of areas that have caccuaburra's.

Why do I have weird things, I am pretty sure I didn't plant, growing in my garden?
This could be drought related too.
Some seeds can lay dormant for up to 7 years.
Birds, critters and even the dogs can carry seeds in from other locations.
Try some of the weed and feed products available on the market.
That might help.

Can you tell I am bored and frustrated today?
No, not really.
We all have our days.
Head up!
Shoulders back!
Keep your face to the sun!

Rancher Girl

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