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Monday, July 8, 2013

Hippity Hoppity

Several weeks ago, we rescued a nest of baby bunnies.
We were moving pallets and uncovered their nest.
There were four bunnies total.
One had a accident with the lawn mower tire.
One got picked up by one of the dogs.
One was found laying very still in some tall grass.
One was found as we lifted up a pallet.

We gathered the three live bunnies and placed them in the pet carrier.

The next day we came home from work and had to go on a rabbit hunt!
"Shhh. Be vewy vewy quiet, I'm hunting wabbits! "  ~ Elmer Fudd
Two of the rabbits had escaped!
They must have crawled through the door of the pet carrier.
We found one, but the other must have gotten out of the garage when we opened the door or something.
He was never found.

Then there were two...
Within the next few days, the bunny that the dog grabbed had faded.
He didn't have any injuries on the exterior.
He always held up one of his front legs and couldn't balance himself.
On the farm, you don't question "why", you accept the loss and move forward.
Knowing he would not have made it in nature.

Then there was one.
 This little guy was feisty!
He was fast!
He could jump to the top of the pet carrier!
He ate and drank like a big rabbit!
We didn't handle him, so when the time came to let him go, he wouldn't have our scent and hopefully would have some natural fear.

Last week, the time came...
We took the pet carrier to the north pasture.
We opened the door and walked away.
We are pretty sure the north pasture is where the mother is living.
She still hangs out where the pallet stack use to be, but runs to the north fence line when we approach.
The dogs can't get to the north pasture.
Their receiver collars stop them at the fence line.

We returned a few hours later, to the pet carrier.
The bunny was gone.
Hippity Hoppity

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