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Monday, July 22, 2013

BLINDed By the Light

First off, let us say...
You all get cranky when we don't blog!

Last week, while Drewman was off playing in the sand at Fun In The SON.
That's Drewman in the orange shirt.
Flower Boy and I were busy with all sorts of projects.
Therefore, we have several blogs in the cue
We were a little too busy for blogging.

We are sorry.
Please, forgive us?

Friday, we had these packages waiting on us, when we arrived home.

We had ordered blinds the week before.
They were on sale for over 50% off!

Flower Boy went right to work putting them up, in our room.

Don't they look nice?
It was very important our bedroom blinds went up first.
Flower Boy knows I need my rest and don't like to be woken up at the crack of dawn on weekends.

We can see Onyx but he can't see us!

Saturday morning, Flower Boy installed the remainder of the blinds.
The sun was so bright on the east end of the house,
Flower Boy had to wear his sunglasses!
The rooms, on that end of the house, are much cooler now!
And darker!

Drewman got home on Saturday from church camp.
We all slept late on Sunday.
No longer are we BLINDed by the light!

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