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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Red Raspberries, Anyone?

We have a row of red raspberry bushes in our back yard.
This was one of the things that stuck out, to me, when I purchased the property.
The bushes were loaded that year!
I couldn't help but think...

These past few years, our area has been in severe drought.
Therefore, there have been little to no raspberries on the bushes.
The raspberries that were on the bushes,
We seemed to be in competition with Drew's EGGcelent EGG Layers for them!
Those little hens can strip a bush of raspberries in a matter of seconds!
This year, I wouldn't allow the hens out of their pens while the berries were ripening.
Mean?  Maybe! 
The EGGcelent EGG Layers only want them.
In our house, there is a difference between want and need.

The good thing about having the bushes in the back yard,
You don't get chiggers while picking!
We will be picking sand plumbs and wild blackberries, in the pastures, soon.
I will be investing in lots of bug spray, prior to those pickings.

This year, there weren't as many raspberries as there were the first two years.
There was a good amount though.
Drewman and I spent a few hours picking, one evening.

I think we got a pretty good yield.
Especially after recovering from a drought.
These will be placed in the freezer for safe keeping.
You know what we will be doing with them.
Are you lucky enough to be on our list?

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