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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Week 6 ~ Ailey Mae's Puppies

Lots of changes this week with the boys.
First, we want to show you their 6 week pictures!

Rollie Pollie
He was the first born.
 He is going to be the size of his momma.

Number 2 is Unsociable.
He likes to be alone and off by himself.
Flower Boy is working on getting him to play more with the others.
 He is going to be long haired or double coated.

This is Big Boy!
He is number 3 in birth order.
 This guy will be EXTRA LARGE like his daddy.

Ailey Mae has stopped taking the time to feed the boys.
She doesn't stop for them to nurse.
They chase her and suck on the go, as she is walking away from them.

They are eating a can of puppy food each morning and each evening.
We also catch them getting into Princess Sheba's food!
These kids are completely weaned from their momma.

The boys love it outside.
They lay on the porch like the big dogs.
Mostly, wrapped around the water bowl to keep cool.
When we arrive home from work, they all go outside for the evening.
In the mornings, after they have eaten, they go outside to do their business.
Potty training is going very well.
Last week we told you, they started climbing out of the kiddie pool.
Therefore, we removed it from our room.
The kiddie pool has been replaced with this.

I'm sure the boys think it is another form of doggie jail.
They don't seem to mind being in the kennel.
Princess Sheba is glad to have the baby gates removed from the door way.
Actually, most veterinarians recommend crate or kennel training.
A very wise friend of mine told me, when I got my first German Shepherd, Maximus,
"A kennel keeps them safe and out of trouble.  He will like it.  It will become his safe haven."
Both, Ailey Mae and Princess Sheba are kennel trained.
You say "Kennel" and Princess Sheba is in it!
You say "Pen" and Miss Ailey Mae is in hers!
We can say those words in their presence and they go to their crate.

The boys have their first vet check this week.
That means SHOTS!

We have placed several ads to place these boys in new homes.
We won't allow them to go into new homes until they are 10 weeks old.
The puppies will be AKC registered, vet checked, 2 rounds of shots, wormed, completely weaned, potty training started and crate/kennel trained.
We are looking into having them microchipped.

If you, or anyone you know, might be interested in one of these boys, contact us.
We would be happy to discuss the purchase with you.

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