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Friday, July 26, 2013

BULLS!!! Boys Will Be Boys

Let me set the scene...
This week has been a long week for Flower Boy, Drewman and myself.

Flower Boy has been working on a project, at work.
This project has him working 12 hour days.
Not to mention, he has a 45 minute commute to and from work.

Drewman has a normal busy teenage life and a full time job.
He normally comes home from work, does his chores and is off to an evening activity.

My week has been nuts at work.
It is the time of year when we close out one fiscal year and begin another.
Not to mention, I am a Grant Specialist and have had several submissions this week.
Deadlines... DeadLines... DEADLINES...

Drewman and I arrive home Wednesday evening, from work.
Drewman rushes to complete his chores, then heads out the door for youth.
I do some laundry, sweep the floors and attempt to relax.
Flower Boy walks in the door around 9.
The phone rings at 9:20.
"Hey, your cattle are in the neighbors pasture.  The bulls are fighting."
I had just gotten out of a long soaking bath!

I send a text off to Drewman.
"Someone called and said we have cattle out. We may not be here when you get home. My phone is on charge."
Flower Boy and I head out the door.

We pull into the pasture, where the cows are located.
Guess what?
ALL the cows and the bull were standing at the gate!
They hear the feed truck and are waiting for their "cake".
Cattle don't care what time it is.
Flower Boy makes a count by headlight and spotlight.
It appears one calf is missing.

We drive the fence.
Sure enough!
The fence has been broken!
The top four wires!
Most fences are 5 or 6 wire fences.
With the four wires down the cattle were able to step right over, into the next pasture.

The neighbor had made a temporary repair, using bailing wire.
In the farming and ranching world, bailing wire and duct tape are essentials!

Flower Boy sured up the repair, making sure it would hold throughout the night and day.

Last evening, we returned to make a more permanent repair.
Check out that beautiful blue sky in the background!

We make another count of the cattle.
ALL cows, babies and the bull are accounted for.

The neighbors bull is big, ugly and mean!
 He stands at the fence line, bellering, growling and pawing the ground.
All the while, pushing on the fence!
He had pushed so much, he stretched the fence wire to the point of snapping.
Remember us telling you in "Posts! Corners and Tees" how all the tees should line up with the corners
As you look down the fence line, you shouldn't be able to see the tees?
What is wrong with the above photo?

Our little boy, Cletus, doesn't stand a chance with the neighbors big guy!
We thought!
 It appears he has stood his own, because he isn't beat up.
Good Job, Cletus!
Way to represent and stand your ground!
Go Rockin B Ranch!

Why do bulls fight?
Flower Boy's answer...
"They fight just like any other male species.
They are trying to establish dominance, especially when the cows are in season.
The heat cycle of the cow may play a role in it some.
Mainly it's dominance and territory."

We have two of our girls that have summer born babies.
Therefore they aren't bred like the others.
Most likely, the neighbors bull has all his girls bred and is fighting for our two girls that are not bred.

My response...
Boys Will Be Boys!

Tired Rancher Girl

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