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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cookin With Gas

Remember the post "Ready To Cook"?
Truth be told, I have not really been able to fully cook in my new kitchen.

This blessing had to be moved in order to set the propane tank, for my stove.

Don't get me wrong.
I have been cooking.
It is grillin season, ya know!
Plus, the microwave, crockpot, toaster oven and electric skillet worked too.
I just haven't been cooking the way I wanted to be cooking.

Yesterday, all that changed!
The propane take arrived!

Flower Boy was home to make sure the tank was set correctly and in the proper place.
He lives with me and knows none to well my OCD.
He does all he can to give me what I want.
Measured to the exact distance, the tank was lowered into place.
The tank is even centered over the trench.

Note:  Flower Boy also took the above photos.
When I arrived home, in all my excitement,
I failed to complete the photo session of the propane tank.
The tank is set and it looks great!

The trench has been covered.
I failed to get photos of that too...

The line has been plumbed into the house.
Yep, no photo...
I'm slipping!


We treated ourselves to Red Lobster, last evening, to celebrate.

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