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Monday, July 29, 2013

Auction Finds

We spent our Saturday at an auction, with this girl, her family and some other friends.
LOVE these kids and their babies!
T is an auctioneer.
This wasn't his auction we went to on Saturday.
We wish it had been!
The auction took ALL DAY!
T would have had it finished by mid afternoon...

We purchased several items and bid on a few other items.
We think we brought home some pretty darn good stuff.

Do you want to see what we bought?


The Big Kids stopped by the auction and looked at these.
They were excited to receive the text,
"Bought you some crocks."

You don't realize all the things you lose in a HOUSE FIRE, until you go to an auction.
So many things we could have purchased, from household items to tools.
Flower Boy bought a cordless drill.
Checking one more thing off his list of tools needing replaced.
Auctions seem to be the place to pick up tools, at a good price.
The drill was new!
It doesn't appear to have ever been charged.

When I saw this statue, I HAD to have it!
Flower Boy had no choice in the matter.
He will tell you, I was standing behind him bidding away.
He had the bidder number in his pocket.
 I have big plans for this guy!
(The statute and Drewman!
The statute will be a work in progress...
Drewman is well on his way!)

This purchase was all Flower Boy!
 He has plans of his own for this milk can!
It is already in the works!
It is going to be pretty ranchey!

This bench is going to go at the foot of our bed, when complete.
We have a rocking chair that was saved from the fire.
The two pieces go together really well!
Both need to be reupholstered.
Anyone know of a good upholsterer?
Wanna guess what will go on them?

All in all, we thought we found some superb auction finds.
Keep an eye out for future blog posts involving these great finds.

Crafty Rancher Girl


  1. We lost our house to a fire in '97. Everything was gone except two K-Mart Bowling Balls (go figure, LOL). We quickly realized that all we really lost (other than my bird and our fish) was "Stuff" and "Stuff" can be replaced, lives cannot! Wishing you well on your replacement experience- we too, went to lots of auctions, yard sales and such! *Hugs*

    1. Alicia,
      Thank YOU!
      It's been 2 years and we still haven't replaced all that was lost.
      Just this morning, we woke to snow! I realized, I don't have a coat.
      Thanks for stopping by and the virtual hug!