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Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer Born Babies? We Do That!!!!

In June, we posted "We Had a New Baby".

Same story!
Different Month!

Tuesday morning, I drove past the pasture, with the cows, and sent Flower Boy a text.
"Dona had a baby"

Sure enough!
We named the momma Dona because....
She is exactly like a Dona we know.
She has to always know what everyone is doing.
She is in everyone's business.
She attempts to control the herd.
She thinks she is the leader, when she is really the follower.
So many similarities of the human form we know.
(Don't worry, the human Dona will never read this.)

We love the markings on this baby!
 Check out the freckles on her nose and face!
And the white tip on her tail!
She is tiny!
Looks like we will have a calf to mate up with the June baby after all!
Summer Born Babies?
Who does that?
We Do That!!!!
Even if it was rancher error...
It just happens!

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