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Monday, May 19, 2014

Drewman's High School Graduation

The day started early with prepping food trays for the graduation reception.

The Big Kids are life savers!
They always have our back and are willing to do whatever is needed to make any event successful.
Just look at the detail they took in placing the cheese on the tray!
They made every food tray look professional.
Thanks Kids!

Ready to do this!

Gotta tease KayCee with his cords.
 Both KayCee and Drewman received cords for AP Government.
Drewman also received a cord for AP English and FFA.
Each class member wore a gray ribbon in remembrance of a lost classmate, Brendon.

Colton arrives on scene.

The stage is set.
 Line up!
 Get your cords and gray ribbon straight.
 Final instruction from Mr. Justus!
It's not always a good thing to have your last name start with A...
 Here we go!
 Mrs. Stevens keeping them moving.
 We owe so much to Mrs. Stevens.
She has always been supporters of my boys and pushed both to excel.
We can't thank her enough!

 And so the long walk begins!

 79 Graduating Seniors for the PHS Class of 2014

Valedictorian Addresses by Amanda, Taylor and Salyer

Andrew Arnold Alstrom
 That's Our Boy!!!!

 Seniors, get your hats ready!

Best part of my "Big Girl" camera!
I am so happy I got those hat shots!

Proud Family!

Proud Aunt Yo!

Proud Friends!

Slight technical difficulties with the reception sign..
We NEED Rain! 

Food is out and ready!

The most perfect graduation cake ever!
Made by Aunt Tonya!

 It was pretty darn tasty too!

Great friends and family!

We had all of Drewman's awards, scholarships, art and photo board on display.

Beautiful gifts and cards!

One proud graduate and his happy Momma PYG!

We did it!
We survived the day!
A wonderful graduation and reception with our boy!
We couldn't have pulled it off without the Big Kids!
We are truly blessed with amazing friends and family!
Not a single tear was shed!
I won the bet!

Look Out OSU!
Here comes Drewman!
Rancher Girl

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