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Thursday, May 1, 2014

State FFA Degree

This week was the Oklahoma FFA Association 88th State FFA Convention & Career Show.
OKC was a sea of Blue and Gold!

If you haven't ever been to an FFA convention, I encourage you to attend.
These kids are the most respectful, honorable, intelligent, hard working group of young adults you will ever meet.

Flower Boy and I had the privilege of sponsoring Drewman's chapter at this years convention.
Flower Boy had never been to an FFA convention before.

As the last session started, so did the dancing!
All those Blue and Gold jackets rush the floor to do a jig.

As Drewman and Cooper enter the floor, I am still working on the proper setting for my "big girl" camera!

 As the house lights go down, I think I've finally got it!
 I can read Drewman's face...
"Mom! Enough!
Sure enough...
Followed by a text
"No mas picturoes. Por favor"
My response with Flower Boy's help,
 "No obla espanol...
Trying to get the settings right"

325 FFA Chapters!
726 Individual State FFA Degrees!
Drewman and Cooper are the two from their chapter.
Talk about proud parents!
Remember, Coop is Drewman's brother from another mother.
Coop's parents sat with Flower Boy and I.

Opening Session!
The final session of a convention is always a big one.
The current officers say their goodbyes and new officers are announced.
This next week, Drewman will be giving his retiring address to his chapter as the 2013/14 Chapter FFA President.
He will be hanging up his Blue and Gold jacket and saying his goodbyes.
I will cry!
So will Flower Boy!
So will Drewman!
This we know.
No amount of practice will prepare us for that moment.
We will have to let it come and just get through the night.

Back to the State FFA Degree.
The State FFA Degree is the highest state award that can be bestowed upon an FFA member.
The member must compile 4 years of record books, complete a questionnaire, provide photos of them and their projects, competed in local, county, district and state competitions, have an above average GPA and provide letters of reference.
It is something most FFA members spend their entire FFA career working towards.
The young man on the right...

Cooper and Drewman

Cooper and his family

The boys with Mr. Gadberry, their former FFA Adviser.

Drewman and his chapter members attending the convention.

Drewman and his fellow senior members attending the convention

Drewman and Colton being goobs!

The smile says it all!
We Love You Son!

One Proud Momma

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