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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Little Cattle Working

We had a little cattle working to do this past weekend.
 Drewman had to work that morning, so it was a good time to break in a new ranch hand.
With Drewman leaving for college in a few months, even though he will only be 25 miles from the ranch, we think it will be good to have Garrett on standby should we need help.

First order of duty is sort the cows from the calves.
 Mommas on the sweep side.
Ready to be worked.
The sweep pen is designed with a circular end.
The gate opens into the cattle.
The operator runs a few head into the sweep and pushes the gate.
The cattle go around the circle, down the alley and into the chute.
This is much less stressful on the cattle.

Babies in the holding pen.
OH NO!!!
A baby crawled through to its momma!
 I was running the sweep pen.
I did all I could to keep the baby separate from the mommas.
Garrett did a great job of pushing the girls down the alley and into the chute.
 Everyone got new jewelry!
Don't those Rockin' B tags look nice?

Drewman arrived just as we were finished with the mommas in this pasture.

Flower Boy set the chute for the babies.
 Flower Boy was thinking when he bought this chute.
 It adjusts for working the bigger cattle and the little ones.

Even the two week old babies got put into the chute to be worked.
 Drewman would push one down the alley and Garrett would hold it till time to go in.
 Everyone got shots!
 One in each shoulder.
 Chrome even got shots and ear tags.
 My OCD can't take this!
I wanted so badly to pick these up!
But we had to gather the next pasture!
I will pick up the old tags soon.
We had quite a bit of rain over the weekend too!
We got all the cattle worked before the rain came in.

As for the new ranch hand...
Garrett did a fine job!
He's a keeper!

What did you do over the long weekend?

Rancher Girl

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