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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Little Oak Stool

I have this little oak stool.
It seems to go with me wherever I move.
I acquired it when I lived in the house I raised my boys.
I had a custom kitchen done, as one of the upgrades, to that old historic home.
The cabinet builder made me the little oak stool, so I could reach the top cabinets.
The ceilings, in that home, were 9 feet tall and the cabinets were all the way to the ceiling.

When I moved to the ranch, the little oak stool moved with me.
At some point one of the legs, on the little oak stool, broke.
I couldn't part with that little stool, so I placed it and it's broken leg in the storage building.

Along came the HOUSE FIRE!
And we all forgot about things for a while.
Towards the end of the school year, last spring,
Drewman was looking for a quick wood shop project.
I remembered, I had the little oak stool still in the storage building.
It would be a perfect fast project!
Drewman took the little oak stool to wood shop.
He took it apart, sanded the finish off, replaced the broken leg, put it back together and brought it home.
There was still work to be done on the little oak stool, but the school year had ended.

The pegs needed to be cut down.

And sanded smooth.

Stain needed to be applied.
I applied the same stain used on our kitchen cabinets.
The painters left us the extra stain.
After the second coat dried,
I realized, I used a can they had mixed both stain and varnish.
That just saved me a step!

Today, the little oak stool has a new place in our kitchen.
Vowing, never to move to another address again!
I am sure the little oak stool moved with me for a reason.
I don't question why.
I am happy to have it with me and glad it made a beautiful transition from old to new.

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