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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Flower Boy's Workout

Nowadays, most people workout.
Some run, walk or lift weights.
Some do aerobics, yoga or pilates.
Others may swim, play basketball or do kickboxing.

Flower Boy is a very active man.
He walks many steps during his day job and many more while doing chores in the evening.
He lifts, tugs and pulls much more than his body weight several times per day.
I consider Flower Boy to be quite fit.

 Flower Boy had a bit of a different workout this week.
He split wood!

On the ranch, when trees fall, we cut them up, bring them home and stack them in the back on the wood rack.
This way, we always have wood on hand. 
We may burn it in the fire pit on a nice evening. 
We always have wood for the fireplace.

 We have a stack of wood to large to burn in our fireplace.
Some of these pieces are a couple of feet across at the base.

Yes, we have a log splitter.
There is a slight issue with it tho.
Something about the cylinder...

It's alright with me.
I rather enjoyed watching my man split those massive logs by hand.
It only took him a few minutes to split a half rick or so.


I stayed in the truck where it was warm...
I also yelled play by play of the bedlam game out the window.

What this man won't do for me!

Flower Boy knows my favorite part of winter is setting in my chair, cuddled under my woobie, watching the fire in the fireplace.

Thanks Babe!

Rancher Girl

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