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Friday, February 21, 2014

Gettin A Dollars Worth

If you follow us on social media, you already know who won the dollar in "Placing ALL Bets"
If not....
 Look very close at the ear tag number of the cow.
I WIN!!!

This little guy is a stud!

I love watching the babies scamper, jump and frolic while we are feeding.
I wish I could spend my entire day watching them play.

Here is a better photo of #4 and her baby boy.
This is the baby we thought was born to #9 or 10.
By the way, those two still haven't calved.

#4 is a great momma.
Flower Boy got his hands on her baby last evening.
The plan was to ear tag him.
His momma let out a nasty beller!
I was afraid she was going to go after Flower Boy.
Flower Boy let go and the baby ran to his momma.
After returning to the cake line, to eat, momma kept a close eye on baby and Flower Boy.
Needless to say, no ear tag got placed in baby #4's ear!
Maybe another time.

As for my dollar!
I think I will buy myself a cookie!

Gettin A Dollars Worth!
Rancher Girl

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