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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Placing ALL Bets

Have you ever had a feeling of knowing something is going to happen that you are willing to place a bet on it?
Flower Boy and I have!
The problem is we are betting against each other.

We call each other a few times a day, just to check in, say "I LOVE YOU!" and chat.
We are mushy like that.
Yesterday, on my drive home, I called Flower Boy.

The conversation goes something like this...
Me "Are you going to be late?"
Flower Boy is on a job that is finishing up so he has been working a little late each night to finish.
Flower Boy "Not too late.  Should be home before dark."
Me "Ok, I won't have to check the girls alone.  Do you think we will have a baby?"
Flower Boy "Yes"
Me "Which one?"
Flower Boy "#9 or 10."
Me "I think 27 will calve before they do."
Flower Boy "I don't think so."
Me "Wanna bet?"


Feeding after dark...
We pull into the pasture where #27 is located.
No baby!
Darn it!
I knew she would have calved!

Drive into the pasture where # 9 and 10 are located.
Nothing like finding them via spotlight!

Flower Boy is all excited he has won the bet!

We get the ear tag ready.
Flower Boy steps out of the truck.
Momma and baby are GONE!
This is a sign of a good momma.
She was all about protecting her baby.

Upon feeding the remainder of the cattle in this pasture, it is realized #9 and #10 are with the herd!
#4 is the momma of this baby boy.

Bet still ON!
Placing ALL Bets!

Come on Babies!!!

Here is hoping #27 calves today!

I don't want to lose my dollar.
Rancher Girl

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  1. ha ha ha! Sounds like Me and Hubby...We are well over half done with the heifers! YEAH! Good luck with your calving. And keep having fun. :)