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Monday, May 20, 2013

Too Pretty To Mow!

We have gotten quite a bit of rain this spring.
For this, we are very thankful.
We have been in a drought the past few years.
Last year, we only mowed our yard three times!

I believe this year we will be mowing more.
A few weeks ago, Flower Boy serviced the mower, in preparation of mowing season.
We mow three to four acres of yard.
Lots of hills, rocks and banks.
We mow over the pond damn
and around the back side of the pond.
We try to keep the yard short, because when it gets hot the snakes come out!

I took a walk around the yard and snapped a few pictures of the pretty wild flowers growing.
I'm not sure the house fire had anything to do with these pretty things.
Flower Boy says that burning pasture releases nutrients into the ground and makes the pastures better.
The yard didn't burn, but these things weren't here in years past.

There is Iris blooming, next to some of the rocks.

Several Cacti popping up on the side of the hill.
I am not a fan!
They are about to bloom.
Maybe I will change my mind.
I will keep watching...
I even found a honeysuckle that has transformed into a tree!
We have lived here since November 2007 and have never seen the yard like this.
It was almost too pretty to mow!

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