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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ready To Cook!

Yesterday, Flower Boy and I spent the entire day doing final cleaning.
Actually, I stayed in the house cleaning until 4:30am this morning!
Wanna see the best part of all my efforts?

Check out the under mount sink!
Flower Boy installed it!
Ignore the dust and plastic covering still on the stove...
I failed to get a picture after it was cleaned.
The island is the size of a twin size bed!
I plan to sleep here!
If you look at the top portion of the island photo, you will see the pallet wood floor.
We started sealing it today!
Work started about 6:30am.
That makes two hours of sleep for me in the past 24!
I am thinking sleeping on the island, I will be waking up in the mornings ready to cook!
By The Way...
I am the only person in the house that will have a kitchen pass!

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