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Monday, February 1, 2016

Weekend Excitement

After losing your home in a house fire, then three years later
 THIS is happening in your driveway, 
you kind of freak out!

Home base, of Rockin' B Ranch, is located in a valley.
The flames came rolling over the hill, south of the house.
The pasture south was engulfed in flames!

Firemen sprang into action!
They began spraying down the house!

The pumper truck was laying out hose!
All in preparation to save our house!

Sorry for the lack of photos here...
 7 trucks were lined up between our house and the fire line!

I was on the phone with The Big Kids, texting the remainder of my family, gathering a few personal items, putting on my ring, and loading the dogs in the truck.
All the while, praying and hoping no one reached out to Drewman, as he was in Chicago for intern training!
As I look back through my texts, my family may have thought I was losing my mind!
"Grass fire just south of the house.  Making its way over the hill.  Fire trucks on the road.  We are ok."
Next text
"It's at the pond"
Next text
"Trucks are in the yard"
Next text
"Truck number 7 just pulled in the yard.  They are ready to pump water on the house if needed"
"It's still across the pond"
"The dozer is here now"
"Helicopters too"
(It must have been a news chopper or a medical helicopter, because no water was dropped.)
Next Text
"They had us move all the vehicles"
"it's under control"

The county commissioner, our neighbor and good friend, is always called and made abreast of happenings in his district.
The fire department is quick to call the county for backup equipment and help.
The dozer arrived on scene, under the operation of the county commissioner.
 If you look in the center of this photo, you will see the dozer at work.
There was also a semi water transport truck and a grader, available if needed.

As if that wasn't a big enough scare, for a Saturday!
There was also a fire on Friday!
It was on the east side of the mile section!
This is the photo published by the NewsPress.
We quickly recognized the photo.
It was taken from the hill, just south of our house!
You know...
The hill that burned on Saturday!

Can you see the flames?
Just a little too close for comfort!

By Sunday evening, God had painted a beautiful canvas for chore time!

And the sun did rise this morning!

We have no complaints!
Just trying to settle into our week after all the weekend excitement!
Feeling Thankful and Blessed!

Rancher Girl

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