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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Flower Boy Gets To Have All The Fun

Yesterday was Presidents' Day.
Flower Boy had the day off.
Drewman had school and I had to work.
Flower Boy gets to have all the fun!

Besides the training session with Ailey, Flower Boy was overseeing some custom detail work with the brick layers, tile guy, concrete guys and delivery of trim materials.
He claims, he needed to return to work, today, in order to get a break.

There was so much activity going on yesterday, I will have to make several blog posts to catch up.

Let's talk about the tile guy!

His first project is the utility and mud room floor.

Remember that brick run we made?

Those look a lot different than they did then!
They have been power washed and cleaned.
Removing all the dirt, grime and excess mortar, leaving that perfect 100 year old aged look we want for our floor.

Yesterday, the tile guy started laying them.
Flower Boy and the tile guy had several conversations about what we wanted.
The tile guy wasn't sure about putting the pavers down. 
He isn't a brick guy, he is a tile guy.

There were questions about boarder or no boarder, mortar or grout, and the unevenness of the pavers.
I've said it before, Flower Boy takes care of me. 
He knows exactly what I want.
He will make sure I get it, too.
I am so glad Flower Boy was home yesterday!

I received a phone call confirming what Flower Boy already knew.
Then later, I received this photo.
Flower Boy wins!
I am getting the herringbone pattern, with the boarder, I wanted!
I told you, Flower Boy takes care of me!

The mud room should be laid today and grouting will begin.
After the pavers are grouted, they will be sealed.

What do you think of the black pavers being mixed in with the others?
We think it ROCKS!

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