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Monday, February 18, 2013

Meet Ailey

Onyx and Ailey

Last week I received an email saying "Free registered female German Shepherd.  Are you interested?" with a photo of Ailey attached.
I instantly fell into puppy love!
After a few emails and texts, I opted to wait for a final decision and sleep on my feelings.
The next morning, I was still in puppy love!

I sent a message, asking if she could be picked up from her original home and held until we could come get her on Sunday or Monday.

Ailey was in a very small yard and has had zero training or discipline.
Her original owner said "She isn't like my Yorkie.  She doesn't set or lay.  She is very busy."
WELL... DUH!!!  Ailey is a German Shepherd!
We believe her owners put her in the yard and did nothing but feed her.
Ailey doesn't even know her name!
She has never been on a leash or collar!

People, whenever you think about getting a pet, do your homework!
Research the animal breed.  Find out what the breed requires.
Pick an animal for your lifestyle.
Not all dogs are lap dogs.
Large breeds require space to run and play, jump and swim.

Ailey does all those things!

We got her home, after an hour or so car ride.
Ailey does not travel well.
Good thing we had a crate.

After a few hours, Ailey was ready to play.
She found the pond!
She loves to dance in the water.

She came in the mobile home and was right at home.

Ailey's ears don't stand, but that is no matter to us.

Flower Boy and her are going through a training session today.
I'm sure there will be many more to come.
Feet off the counters!
Stay out of the trash!
Set when I stop!
OUT to potty!
Kennel to stay out of trouble!

For being 9 months old and having no training, Ailey is doing quite well.
Flower Boy stops and Ailey sets.
We set and Ailey lays.
Ailey walks on the leash very well.  Heeling like she should, most of the time.

She has found the receiver fence and now knows her boundary.
Her collar gives her a warning beep before the electric zap.
She will stay clear when she hears the beep in the future.

Ailey is a very smart girl!
She and Onyx will make great friends.
Princess Sheba isn't sure what to think.
Pete is a bit upset too.  He wants a girlfriend now.

We believe Ailey is going to fit in well.
Given the time and effort, she will be a fine member of our canine family.

Here's to saving another one!
Miss Athena would approve!

Official German Shepherd Rescuers

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  1. I have a beagle that I rescued from a family that apparently didn't realize how loud beagles barks.....she had been caged and had a shock collar on to keep her from barking.....we were her fifth home in nine months....she has some significant behavioral issues but I think it's because of all the homes....I chalk it up to separation anxiety.....despite some of her terrible behavior, she cuddles like crazy and I couldn't imagine being so cruel as to send her away despite some personality quirks, she's found the family that won't run out on her.....