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Friday, February 8, 2013

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or Combinations?

I've told you about our meetings, choices and options.
This week has been none different than weeks past.
Saturday morning, Flower Boy had a visit with the builder.
(I interrupted the visit with my interjections...
I need to stop doing that. 
Sorry, Flower Boy!)
Saturday evening, Flower Boy and I, both, had a meeting with the builder.
Monday, I had a visit with the builder.

It seems the closer we get to completion the more we need to discuss detail.

During all three of those visits with the builder, he told us
"I am going to set a meeting with Buck, this week, so you all can discuss porches and stain."
Buck is the concrete guy.

Last evening, we met with Buck.
Flower Boy sends me a text, on my drive home,
"Buck is here."
My response, "Cool!  I'm just turning on to the hwy towards home."
I get home and see this
There are seven stain colors on the floor.
Do you see them all?

My Daddy and I did concrete counters in the house that burned.
Questions started coming out of my mouth.
These stains are not the acid stain I am accustom to seeing?
Some look purple?  Some look dark?  Some look light?
There is just something about these stains.?

Buck had to explain...
These aren't acid stains.
They look purple because they aren't dry.
Once the sealer is applied, they will look different.
(This is the same with the acid stain.)

Buck created these stains himself!
 Because acid stain burns into the concrete, it takes away from the natural beauty of the concrete finish.
Remember the time Buck took in finishing our slab?
Remember the lesson in concrete we had?
Our Natural Unstained Slab
 Buck's Stain will be perfect for what we want!
We are happy to have a builder and a concrete guy that understands exactly what we want!
Blessed again!

Buck applied the sealer and we walked away, from that stain, for the evening.

Buck also applied two acid stains to another section of floor.
Note:  These sections will be covered with other materials.

Cola overlaying Walnut
 These are the two colors we have chosen for the counter tops.
Question is....
Cola?  Walnut?  Or a combination of the two?
Thank goodness we aren't to the counter top stage, of the building process!

This morning, we went back to the sealed floor samples.
We love the way the color POPS and the TEXTURE comes through!

What number did we choose?
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or Combinations?
Flower Boy called Buck with our answer this morning!
Buck is staining now!

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