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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Got Mud?

Our area is in a drought, but that doesn't stop us from having mud!
The sheet rock guys came back to tape and texture.
Also known as mudding.
This is the first time a crew of more than four people have been working, at one time.
There were more than 10 guys mudding on Saturday.
At least 2 guys in every room.  One working on stilts and the other working at ground level.
They were in and out in a few hours.
They were back, today, to apply the texture.
We requested a heavy hand texture.
I can't wait to get paint on these walls!
Better start thinking about colors!
There is another type of mud continuing, as well.
It's the mud going between the bricks!
The exterior is almost complete!
Next, they move inside to do the fireplace!
THESE will be added to the fireplace.
We got an additional surprise today too!
Can't wait for this to be the same color as the trim!

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