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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Focal Point

We are doing several custom features in our new home.
Some are a little more distinguished than others.
We want our home to stand out, but fit our lifestyle and harmonize with our everyday life.
Function, Low Maintenance and Ranchy are a must!
In doing so, these customs make it "OUR HOME".
We believe these accents will become focal points in our home.

We have emphasized a few details in past blogs.

Flooring seems to be a trend here...
Today, we will break up the flooring by showing you this Focal Point!

The fireplace went from this
To this
To this
To this
There was a minor misunderstanding with the brick layers.
They originally placed brick on the hearth.
A happy Rancher Girl, this did not make!
Nor Flower Boy!
But again, being blessed by a builder that understands what we want and having Flower Boy to make certain everything is done in the manner we desire, all is well!

The mantel still has to be added.
That will be another custom, we will show you in the final revel of our home.
Trust us.... This fireplace wall is going to be the focal point of our living room!

More customs to come!

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