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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Walk Through

Each evening, Flower Boy does a walk through the house to see what has been completed.
I also think he does it to keep me calm and explain, to me, the next steps in construction.
Flower Boy is stressed to the max!
I, however, think life is bliss!
I am precisely where Flower Boy wants me to be.
It is his way of protecting me.
Flower Boy takes all the phone calls from contractors and the builder. 
All problems with construction come to him.
Flower Boy is my filter from any problem or issue.
I normally don't know there is a problem or issue.
We are in the detail and custom part of the building process.
Flower Boy wants me to have everything exactly the way I want it.
"Whatever you want." and "If that is what she wants, that is what she will have." are common statements.
We aren't the type of people to live beyond our means.
We aren't extravagant.
We have a budget.
We did our homework and chose options for the house that fit within that budget.
Custom details don't have to be expensive to look high end.
This being said, the workers have questions, need answers, layouts and input in order to provide us with the details we want.
Call me naive but I had no idea the amount of filter Flower Boy provides me, until now.
I am home because of the weather.
Workers are knocking on the door, asking questions that require answers before they can move forward.
They seem to think, since I am home, I can answer.
I have, but call Flower Boy with a bit of panic, realizing he has taken care of all this prior to 12:30pm yesterday afternoon.

Things are very busy here. 
Cabinets are being built.
Trim work is being done.
Closet shelving is being constructed.
Tile work is being laid out.
It is calving season.
Not to mention, the weather has been pretty nasty over the past week and Flower Boy has an hour drive, one way, to work.
He worries about Drewman and myself, as we drive to school and work in this rain, sleet, snow and slush.

During last evenings walk through, I was doing my happy dance and snapping pictures, while Flower Boy was checking out details and workmanship.
We were standing in the living room and saw this...
Yes, this is a microwave and a Holy Bible.
Blessed to have workers that pray over their work and our home, as much as we do!
We don't take our faith and strength for granted.
We have talked before about finding the right builder and listening to the little voice inside us.
Seeing the above photo, lets us know, we have done everything according to plan!
Sometimes, in life, you need to take a step back and look at the simple things, just laying around and staring you in the face, as you walk through.
Praying this find reduces Flower Boys stress level.

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