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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Step Up

The porches and driveway have been formed and concrete poured.
Buck, the concrete guy, met with Flower Boy and myself last week to get the layout of what we wanted.

Buck and crew began forming.

Front Porch...

Monday, they poured the concrete.

Back Porch...

This is the exciting part...
The porches are stamped and stained to look like wood!
They still have to be power washed, cleaned up and sealed.
We had some weather come in the past few days.
Rain, sleet, snow, hail...
We aren't complaining, because we need the moisture.
But, it has caused a slight delay in the project.

The best part...
THIS is my family brand!
At the present time, Flower Boy, Our Big Kids, Drewman and Myself are the only ones that carry this brand.

A few years ago, Flower Boy and I were trying to come up with a brand for our cattle.
One day, Flower Boy surprised me with an electric branding iron made of my family brand.
A day I will never forget!
Best Gift EVER!

This mark gives us pride in our work, our cattle and our lives.
It shows our dedication and purpose of who we are as cattle ranchers.
When this brand is seen on cattle, folks know the cattle belong to us. 

It is something to pass along from generation to generation.
It has been passed from my great grandpa, to my grandpa, to my Daddy, to Flower Boy and I, to our children, and one day to our grand children and great grand children.
We RIDE for this brand!

Steppin UP!!

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