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Monday, December 7, 2015

Moo Cow Monday ~ Got A Brand New Girlfriend!

This guy got to meet his new girlfriends on Friday!
Meryl is our heifer bull.
He is the bull we raised.
His momma was one of our best cows.
His daddy was one of our best bulls.
Meryl produces low birth weight calves that hit the ground growing.
Meryl has been hanging out in the pens, at the house, for a few months, just waiting for this moment!
 Flower Boy opens the trailer.
 Meryl exits.
 I always keep my distance from the bulls.
They kind of scare me...
Flower Boy and I drive around, to the next pasture, and call the Black Friday Heifers through the gate.
 The girls were in the center pasture, with the only entrance, joining the pasture we placed Meryl and that pasture is under this electric tower.

 Many people comment when they see photos like this, 
"Wow!  Your cattle are so tame to be coming through the gate under that tower!"
When they don't know any different, they don't know to be scared.
Flower Boy does a great job of directing and calling them across.
These girls have grown so much over the past year.
When we purchased them, they were just weaned from their mommas.
Meryl was on the opposite side of the creek.
He was actually destroying a small cedar tree!
Boys will be boys!
He finally realizes the feed truck and other bovine are waiting on him!

As he gets closer to the herd, it is evident he knows he's got brand new girlfriends!
 Note Meryl's head down and the stance/strut he is displaying.
 Meryl smells all of his new girlfriends.
 He gives Flower Boy a quick eye and head nod of "Thank You!'
 We head back out the gate!
 All in an afternoon of ranch life!
If all goes as planned, the Black Friday Heifers will birth their calves in the fall of 2016.

I love afternoon like this!
It is much better than spending it at my desk!

Happy Moo Cow Monday!
Rancher Girl

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