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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Heart Of A Champion!

A week or so ago, these two guys spent some "bro" time and made some great memories!
 Drewman asked Carter, The Big Kid's nephew, to participate with him in Heart Of A Champion.
It was a welcome break for Drewman, as he finished finals week for college.
Heart Of A Champion is a special needs livestock show.
Carter has autism.
Drewman is one of #TeamCarter's largest supporters.
Our entire family is, actually!

I had the privilege of being behind the scenes and being the personal photographer of these two.
I'm not sure who was more excited, them or me!

They are focused and ready for the day!
Animals are Carter's thing.
It only made since that Drewman chose Carter to participate with him.

To start, Carter got to meet the sheep.
 "Hi!  I'm Carter."

He also chatted with the FFA kids that own the animals.
 Carter had some great questions to ask these FFA students.

Next, Drewman and Carter moved on to the pig show ring!
 "Let's name him Chop!"
  Drewman provided great instruction and guidance.

Carter listened very intently.

 Once Carter got the hang of it,
 Drewman stepped back and Carter did his thing!
 This is one of my most favorite photos of the day!
Carter's Momma and Daddy are in the background.

 There was a bit of a wait to show the sheep.
Waiting is never easy!

A little instruction...
Here we go, with "Shawn the Sheep"!
 Keep an eye on the judge.
 Listen to Drewman for instruction.
 "Drew, I can do it."
 "Carter, you got this Buddy!"
 Exit the ring....
 Only to enter for round two!
 Carter takes the lead.
 Drewman just guides "Shawn".
Awesome Job, Guys!

More waiting and discussing as the awards start.
 LOVE these shots!

Oklahoma State University Baseball Coach, Josh Holliday, served as the official Heart Of A Champion Judge.
 Thanks Coach!

When Carter was asked why he didn't talk to the judge, he responded,
"Because "The Judge" is only for bad people and I wasn't bad!"

No, Carter, you were not bad.
Thank you for spending the day with Drewman and allowing me to tag along behind.

What a happy day!
In my books, both of these guys are the true definition of Heart Of A Champion!
 We are all so proud of them!

Rancher Girl

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