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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Thrive For Life ~ Worth Sharing

It's been a little over a year since a friend handed me this.

We were on a girls adventure trip to The Pink Pistol.
I arrived at her house, climbed in her truck, only to be handed the packets.
I was skeptical, as I have never found a vitamin that didn't make me ill, sick to my stomach, shaky and within 30 minutes of taking it, began retching!
She asked me to trust her and try it.
She promised that if it made me sick or I began to retch, she would turn the truck around and we would not go on our adventure.
This adventure was something we had been planning for a very long time.
I knew, if she was willing to commit to turning around, this had to be a product she believed in, so I trusted her judgement and took a capsule.

Ok.... Friend...  You Win!
I did not get sick!
I did not shake!
My stomach did not feel queasy!
I did not retch!

I actually had energy and felt great the entire day!
So the next day, I continued with another capsule.
By the next week, I was convinced and placed an order.
 For the first time in my life, I could take a vitamin supplement and not have side effects!

I continued to take a single capsule for a few weeks, just to make sure it wouldn't effect me.

I saw many changes in my energy level and sleep quality.
Something I knew I had been lacking.
I have always been active.
I go on regular walks during my lunch hour and do my best to get in my required steps each day.
Not to mention all the activity done around the ranch.
There were days, before THRIVE, that I had a difficult time getting motivated.
Some of you may remember, last winter, Flower Boy came down with phenomena.
He was down for over a month, with breathing treatments, doctors appointments, antibiotics, and shots.
 Upon his recovery, he said "I think I need some of that THRIVE stuff you take."
So, I ordered a men's pack.

When it arrived, I sent half of the pack, to college, with Drewman.
I thought...
"Cognitive Performance"
What college student doesn't need Cognitive Performance?

Even better...
Drewman's cardiologist approved him to take THRIVE!
He says "Everything in this product is 100% natural." and had no problem with Drewman taking it daily.
 As a matter of fact... 
He recommended it and saw Drewman could only benefit from it!

Drewman was also having some issues sleeping.
He had began running and regular workouts.
His back was hurting.
Drewman is a 6'5" 220lb young man.
With his height, he was making regular trips to the chiropractor for regular adjustments.
I can honestly say, since taking THRIVE, Drewman has lessened his trips to the chiropractor.

Now, there is a detox period, when you first start to take THRIVE.
It is short lived.
Flower Boy and Drewman urinated more than normal for 3 days.
I did as well, but also had several bowl movements per day.
One might say...
I was full of poop!
It was the pro-biotic at work!

 If you are a woman in your 40's, or older, going through menopause... 
You might be able to relate to the bowel issue.
No one wants to talk about it, but I'm telling you,
THIS worked for me!

I have always been a smoothie drinker, in the mornings.
It is an easy way for me to have breakfast on the go, as I drive into work.
THRIVE has a shake mix too!
I mix it in with my fruit and orange juice, and I'm off for the day!
Quick, Simple, Easy, and OH SO GOOD!

In November, I had my yearly blood workup and health check.
I was down 10lbs, as well as, all of my blood levels were down.
My levels have always been in the normal range, but they were in the lower normal range this time.
Have I changed anything?

You have read this far and you are saying,
"Are you selling this?"
No, I am not a THRIVE Promoter.
I know promoters, and can easily connect you to them.
Can you make money being a promoter?
I just don't have the time.

Now you are asking,
"What's the cost?"
Am I looking for 2 people?

My guys and I have been taking THRIVE for a year.
It is a proven product for us.
We will continue to purchase it, because IT WORKS!

Some folks have commented,
"You are some of the hardest working folks I know!"
How do we do it?
As we have gotten older...
Here at Rockin' B Ranch, we THRIVE For Life!
We think it is worth sharing!

Rancher Girl

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