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Monday, December 1, 2014

Moo Cow Monday ~ Fancy Black Friday Deals

Friday, after Thanksgiving, started out as any normal day on the ranch.
Everyone gets up at their normal time and starts their routine.
The big kids came in for the long weekend and Drewman was home.

Flower Boy had been looking to purchase some cattle.
I made one request...
"If you are going to buy, I want fancy heifers."

I can't seem to stop kicking myself for allowing that fancy #14 heifer to sell a few weeks back.
I might have a few regrets, but we have 3 just like her held in the pasture.
They were the summer born babies.
I settled with the thought of keeping those, when we sold #14.

We went to bed, Thanksgiving night, with Flower Boy pondering.

Long about 9am, Friday morning, a call and decision were made.
It was a spur of the moment, hook the trailer, hop in the truck and hit the road type deal.
 Video Credit = Drewman

Thanks to the Big Kids, again, for holding down the ranch while Flower Boy, Drewman and I headed out on a road trip.

Our road trip took us about an hour and a half south, to K Bar W Ranch.

We aren't big Black Friday shoppers.
When it comes to these type Fancy Black Friday Deals,

7 fancy heifers were in a holding pen, waiting on us.
After a tour of the ranch, those heifers were loaded on our trailer
and headed back to our pens.

Open the trailer and let them out!

Saturday, was a beautiful day!
Flower Boy and I spent some time with the girls.
I had my big girl camera.

I absolutely love these girls!
They are deep bodied, with straight backs and hips, and track like a dream.
These babies will pair nicely with the 3 heifers we have in the pasture.
They have some growing to do, before they can be placed with the bull, as they are just weaning age.

We can't wait to watch these fancy baby makers grow and produce more fancy babies!
Have a great Monday!

Rancher Girl

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