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Monday, December 8, 2014

Moo Cow Monday ~ New Jewelry!

Remember those Fancy Heifers we got such a good deal on during Black Friday?
They got new jewelry!

These girls came from a ranch that breeds show stock.
This is a good thing, because we haven't completed phase 2 of our pens at home,
We really didn't want to load them up and transport them to the other working pens.
We just ran them down the loading alley, at the house.
As you can see, the loading alley isn't complete yet either.
I keep telling you, there is never a lack of jobs, chores and tasks to be completed on a ranch.

Flower Boy cut out the girls' old jewelry.

And replaced it with Rockin' B jewelry.

Now, what girl doesn't want new jewelry?
Doesn't 33 look good with that Rockin' B bling?

Flower Boy does such a good job of making sure his girls have fancy jewelry and lots of bling.
Thanks Babe!
We love it!

Oh, by the way....
New Jewelry and Bling is on my Christmas list too.

Rancher Girl

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