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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Deck The Walls... FaLa La La LaLa

In less than three days, our house walls were covered with Oriented Strand Board (OSB), there were rafters and the roof was decked.

The OSB is placed on the exterior walls and the roof.

Covering the window and door openings, for the time being, will provide extra support as the ceiling joist, rafters and decking are placed on the roof.

These are the ceiling joist.

They support the rafters.

It was exciting to watch, all of this happen, over the weekend.  Flower Boy and I couldn't stop looking out the windows of the mobile home!

The rafters are being put into place.

Lifting one side, so they can attach the other.

And they are up!

Moving right along.

All the rafters are in place!

Now for the decking.

The first row took about 10 minitues to complete.

The entire north half of the roof was done in less than an hour!

It's really starting to look like a house.  Don't you think?

The supports are being added to the gable ends.


Santa was a little confused when he arrived on Christmas Eve.  He wasn't sure to deliver to the 5th wheel or the mobile home.
So he left our gifts in our NEW HOUSE!

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