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Thursday, December 27, 2012


Each year, at Christmas time, my boys and I make jelly, for those we  hold close to our hearts.  It's the only tradition we have kept since the fire.  I actually thought all would be lost and there would be no jelly this year.  When Drewman asked "Are we making jelly?", I headed to the store to buy pectin and jars, then started looking for the items needed to prepare this years jelly.  I was afraid it was going to get costly and I would have to purchase the items needed.  I found most of the items were in the mobile home.  I only had to purchase the strainer/ricer and the jar funnel.

Early Saturday morning, the tradition continued!

During the summer, we gather fruit.  This years fruit was given to us by a dear family friend and neighbor from when I was a little girl.  He gave us 6 cases of peaches and asked only for a jar or two of jelly.

I blanch, peal, pit, slice and freeze the fruit until it is time to prepare the jelly.
The fruit is cooked down until it is tender and ready to be ran through the strainer/ricer.

 The fruit is then placed into the ricer and all the juice is removed.

The juice is then cooked with sugar and pectin, until it is thickened.

 I fill the jars.

The lids must be heated in boiling water, in order to get a good seal between the jar and the lid.

 Drewman places the lids, on the jars filled with jelly, and screws down the rings.
The jars and lids are hot! This has to be done quickly.

 We then transfer the jars to a safe place to cool.  We keep the jars turned upside down for a bit to evenly distribute the heat.

Once the jars are turned over, they are left alone for 24 hours.  Throughout that time frame, we hear the popping of the seals, on the lids.  This lets us know we have done everything correct.

Isn't it pretty?

Jelly making is something I did with my Great Granny B and Granny B, when I was little.  I have always enjoyed it.  It was something I wanted to pass along to each of my boys.  I believe they like it too.

The tradition of doing it, during christmas time, came from something my Daddy did when I was little too.  Each year, Daddy would play Santa for the kids in our area.  He would dress up and deliver the kids their packages.  I can't dress as Santa, nor could I pass out gifts, but I can prepare something from my heart, pack the "Sleigh" and deliver to those I love! 

This year, the sleigh didn't get packed and delivered for Christmas, but should be delivered by New Years.  Are you on the list?

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