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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Lulls of Construction

We have had a lull in construction this past week or so.  You may remember me telling you about the time it would take for the slab to cure?  Well...  We had a cold snap right after the slab was poured.  This made the curing process a bit longer than expected.

Things have gotten off high center.  The cables for the Post-Tension System were pulled to their 25,000 PSI.

The cables went from this,


When the brick is laid, it will cover the cables.  There are a total of 27 cables in the slab.  At 25,000 PSI per cable, there is A LOT of tension in our slab.

Yesterday afternoon, I got a big surprise.


I heard a noise, looked out the front door and this is what I saw.

I screamed!

All of the sudden

It was better than seeing Santa!

Can you believe ALL of the walls to our house were on that truck?!

This time, I was able to send Flower Boy a text!

Hoping and Praying for walls by Christmas.  Maybe even today!


  1. Hello Rancher Girl! As I said yesterday, the first post in this blog I am here reading your whole story and I'm loving it. Proud to see such determination and all the blessings and help of their friends and family. Grateful to have found your blog on the internet. Hugs! Vera Moraes from Brazil.

    1. Vera,
      Thanks for stopping by and following our story.
      We have been blessed beyond measure.
      Rancher Girl