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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Meetings, Decisions and Choices

When we chose the builder, one of our requirements was to have a set down meeting each week.  This is to make sure we are all on the same page.  For the builder, it is to give updates, projections and answer any quiestions.  For Flower Boy, I'm sure it is so he can keep me calm during the week.  For me, it has been needing to know a plan.  I'm a schedule and list type girl.  I NEED A PLAN!

Last weeks meeting was short and sweet.  Flower Boy told the builder, "She isn't flipping out yet, so we are doing alright."  (not sure I know how to take that...)

We also have meetings with an inspector.  He is the liaison between the mortgage company, the contractors and the home owner.  Since we had a mortgage on the house that burned, the insurance company had to make payment to the mortgage company and us.  The inspectors job is to make sure our home is built in a timely quality manner and we stay on budget.  When the builder needs a draw of funds, the inspector comes out to make sure the project is where it should be for the money being spent.  If there is ever a time when a contractor goes over bid or doesn't finish in the time stated, they have to answer to the inspector, not us.  We are thankful for that and pray this never happens. 

Decisions have to be made.  Some on the fly and some need discussion.  The builder has Flower Boy's number and calls him for all questions.  Most of the time, that call is followed up by a call from Flower Boy to me, then back, to relay to the builder.  Flower Boy is my liaison of sorts.  He wants to make sure I have whatever I want and I'm happy.  Before our conversation ends, the words "whatever you want" come out of Flower Boy's mouth.  I AM A HAPPY GIRL!  I mean, after all, this is my dream home!

I thought decisions were hard.  NOT!  Choices are harder!  I have choices on almost everything that goes into our home.  Last week, it was windows.  Windows?  Really?  I know nothing about windows. 
Then my mind went to doors, hardware, lighting, door knobs, paint, stain, molding, fixtures, faucets... 
This could be a shoppers nightmare and I hate to shop!

I'm glad I have already chosen brick, trim color, appliances, tile and flooring!  I'm sure Flower Boy is too.

Gotta GO!!  I have a meeting!  Or is it a decision?  No, maybe it's a choice...

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