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Friday, December 21, 2012

If Walls Could Talk

If walls could talk, this is the story these walls would tell, about the first time they met their new family.

Flower Boy inspected every nail, every header, and every lag bolt, to make sure they were in their proper place.

Drewman stood in his room and noticed what great cell phone reception he has there.

Daddy's Rancher Girl cried!
She went from room to room crying.  As she walked through each door opening, she cried.  As she looked out each window opening, she cried.  As she stepped into each closet, she cried.

The family stayed within our walls till after dark that night.

Few words were spoken.  Each of them had their own silent prayers, blessings and thanksgivings.

For our family, the feeling of "We don't have a house." made a turn to the reality of "WE HAVE A HOME!"

The weather forecast for Christmas is a probability of heavy snow with blizzard type conditions.  The goal for the framing crew is to have the house dried in before the storm hits.

Hoping... Praying... Wishing... Dreaming...

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