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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

An Ongoing Project - FENCE

Around the ranch, there is always fencing to be done.  When our home place was purchased, it was covered in red cedars, thick overgrowth, and had no fence on the north end.  Fence on the east and west sides are barely standing.  The fence is old and needs to be replaced. This project was started over a year ago.  We haven't been in any hurry to get it finished, so it has been one of those "get to it when we can" type jobs.

We started by clearing the overgrowth and removing trees and cedars.

Flower Boy drove the tractor.

While Drewman piled brush.

I watched the burn pile.

We even had a few helpers!

Then the guys started digging holes for corner posts.

After 20 plus holes had been drilled, we were ready to start setting corner posts.  This is where I get to do some work.

It was Black Friday, the three of us loaded in the truck and headed out to purchase a pallet of sack concrete.  41 bags at 80 pounds per bag, to be exact.

Let the fun begin!

Flower Boy and Drewman mix the concrete.  The post goes in the hole.  They place the mixed concrete in the hole with the post.

They tamp!
Tamping the wet concrete works out all the voids and air pockets that might be in the hole.  There may need to be some dry concrete added to the hole if the tamping doesn't make the post tight or firm in the hole.

I level the post, while the guys tamp.
The bubble on the level has to be between the lines or the post isn't level.  I learned early in life, when working to level corners, they have to be spot on!  Not a half bubble or even a quarter bubble off.  You check both side of the post for level.  The goal is to look down the fence line and all the posts, from corner to corner, be in a straight line.

Looking through these posts, you can see the posts set for the entry into the north pasture.

There are still many hours of work to be done.  We will get there, eventually, as it is a work in progress. 
I will make sure to update you.

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